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The project funded by Valencia City Council and carried out in the ‘Casa de Velazquez’, in Madrid, is part of the series ‘Copper skin’, an autobiographical series that investigates the way in which the copper metal, during its oxidation process, produces a unique green on its surface and this results in a form of epidermis of the metal. This has for me a very poetic connotation, a kind of Phoenix revival: instead of evoking deterioration and decay, rust becomes beauty for the eye as well as being a 'protective' skin for copper, this metaphor responds to a very positive personal moment in which I am.

The ‘OXIDE’ series is made up of a set of several prints using the traditional ‘Collagraph’ additive stamping technique on an engraving paper which is attached to a 88 x 119 cm ‘conservation museum’ mat.

Print run of 6 copies of each engraving plus some ‘Artist's proofs’.

The copies are signed, numbered and dated.

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