Image: A metal flower is a dead flower (series Engineering) 2017. (diptych). Acrylic on canvas and on wood. 60 x 108 x 6 in. | 152 x 274 x 15 cm.

‘Matter’ Group Show in the County Hall Gallery

I’m very pleased to begin 2019 being in this group exhibition organized by ‘Spain Now’, ‘WeCollect’ and ‘Scan’ with another 12 international artists living and working in London.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday 15th of January at the County Gallery, County Hall, London.

Participant artists: Holly Hendry, Ernesto Cánovas, Gracjana Rejmer, Robert Cervera, Patricia Pisanelli, Alan Sastre, Nora Aurrekoetxea, Antoine Langenieux-Villard, Silvia Lerín, Pablo Castañeda, Saelia Aparicio, Kristian Kragelund, Pablo A. Padilla Jargstorf.


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Image: Gold rod 2018. Acrylic on canvas and on wood. Ø 30 in. | Ø 76 cm.

Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage

My work has been chosen by curator Monty Preston to be featured in the Art for the Artisinal Aesthetic Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage.

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Image: Gabino Busto, director of the Town Art Pinacotec in Langreo, explaining my work in the conmemorative exhibition

25 Years of Young Art in Langreo (1993–2017)

I am delighted to have one of my artworks that I painted in 2006 (Series 45° No 9) displayed at the Pinacoteca Municipal de Langreo 'Eduardo Úrculo', as part of the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition Art Awards 'Art Nalon'.

It will remain exhibited until 18th January 2019.

Video of News on the 13-1-08 by TPA (Asturias TV) of my exhibition in 2008

Video of News on the 3-10-07 by TPA (Asturias TV) of mural made in 2007

See the catalogue edited in 2008 for my Solo Show 45°

Read the text of art critic and curator M.T. Beguiristain

View process of mural

Image: '45° No. 9'(110 x 110 cm.), awarded with the Artnalon Prize in 2007

Image: Mural for my Solo Show '45°' displayed at the Culture House of Langreo. Asturias (Spain) in 2008

Image: Mural outdoors of the Pinacotec Langreo. Asturias (Spain) in 2007