Eastside International (ESXLA) is an international artist residency based in Los Angeles, California

Eastside International (ESXLA).
Los Angeles, California

I'm very excited about being selected for a residency in Los Angeles for the months of September and October. I am already in the Eastside International Los Angeles Residency working in my current project ‘Engineering’.

Image: Solid Rod XV. 2018. 112 x 112 cm.

Solid Rod XV' has been selected...

Very glad that my work 'Solid Rod XV' has been selected in the exhibition Mazacote de Barro, in its 40 aniversary and in the 36th memorial Emilia García Moreda. It will be exhibited from 18th August until 9th September in the town council of Alberite. La Rioja. Spain

Image: 3 of my Solid Rods installed

They found a home...

I would like to share with you these pictures of 3 of my works installed in the yacht of a collector

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Image: 3 of my Solid Rods installed