Oxidised .Copper I and II .Conduit .Source .Copper canvas .Copper skin .Neons from Heaven .Sandpaper I .Burden .Solid Rods .Cut pipe .Pliers .Spring .Copper pipe .Leak .Metallic bud .I used to be a Daffodil .Engineering .A metal flower is a dead flower .F-Peonies .F-Irises .Ivy .F-Flowers .Fire .F-Yellow Daisy .F-Variegated Jasmine .F-Blue Poppy .Reflection .F-Water Lily .F-Calla Lily .Black & Green Projection .F-Black Tulip .Caterpillar .F-Daffodil .Held .Rail I .Rail II .Coathangers .Twins .Green perspective .Series Laterals .Interstices .Series Fissures .Mural for private home .Magenta kiss .Vertical lava .Kohinoor .Thanks Toni! .Fix it with painting .The non-artworks .Blue fissure .Series Trouves .Fissure G-B I .Fissure R-B I .Fissure Y I .Mural ceiling .Fissure IV .Fissure V .Leaves .Folder Edges .Series Irregulars .Casino Valencia Mural .Split green .Mural 'Paint-skin' .Mural "Fissure' .Division I and II .Mural 45º .Construction No 9